Sunday, August 19, 2012


Well, I haven't really cared to blog lately. Life's been busy/crazy/what?

Here are a few quick updates:
  • I LOVE my new position at Park Center. I feel like I actually have a career pplan figured out. 
  • I signed up for the GRE, finally....
  • We are officially going to Miami, FL for Thanksgiving with my amazing sister.
  • I am back on the Facebook. Think what you will.
  • Current favorite new albums: Brandi Carlile, John Mayer, & The Shins. Listen to them all, for your own sake. Amazing.
  • Recently watched movies: Friends With Kids, Our Idiot Brother, & Salmon Fishing In The Yemen... All feel-good movies highly recommended by me. :-)
  •  Momma came in town this weekend to keep me company while Nathan is at Gethsemane monastery... We did some shopping, walking at Radnor, talking, wine-drinking, more talking, nail-painting, and more talking. My mom is the strongest, most powerful, kind, giving woman I know.... And I hope I "grow up" to be just like her, wonderful quirks & all. She makes me think of this (cause my mom is badass):  

Glee - Run The World (Girls) - FULL Scene by news-de-stars

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Bethany said...

We just watched Our Idiot Brother this weekend and were surprised by how much we loved it! Not at all what we thought it would be like.