Friday, August 3, 2012

My Nutella Discovery.

How have I not been obsessed with Nutella all of my life?? Do you realize how much I love hazelnut? And how much I love Chocolate? And how much I love the combination of hazelnut & chocolate??? When I'm feeling naughty at work, I walk over to the Turnip Truck & buy a hazelnut milk chocolate bar. When I worked at a coffee shop, I drank hazelnut lattes & mochas all day long. Basically whenever I get the chance, I will eat hazelnuts & chocolate. WHY HAS NUTELLA BEEN OUT OF MY LIFE?! Someone tell me, please.

 Now, I've obviously heard of it & seen it before, and I'm pretty sure my college roommates usually had the stuff. But somehow I never got on board the Nutella train. And I am very regretful.

Well, thank the shiny heavens above, Sarah & Lauren made Nutella & strawberry crepes for last weekend, and suddenly life became much clearer. Now all I want is Nutella, all day every day.

And with this powerful new knowledge I have comes great responsibility. Such as making really good cookies. I just happened to be in a baking mood last night, and I found this recipe for Nutella cookies. Holy hell. They're the most perfect cookies I've ever eaten.

My next Nutella adventure will be these Nutella fudge pops.

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stephanie said...

I'm seriously in shock right now. I lived off Nutella junior year... how have you never had it before? I have nutella in my house at all times... seriously HOW IS THIS YOUR FIRST TIME?