Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Playing along

I'm playing along with Stephanie's and Ashley's posts about their favorite things. Their lists are great... you should check them out! Thanks for letting me play along, ladies. I like having an excuse to list off all of the things I love! :-)

My favorite letter is S.
My favorite number is 24 (only because those are my two favorite numbers to write).
My favorite color is teal.
My favorite flowers are wildflowers.
My favorite place is Oxford, England.
My favorite animals are otters.
My favorite smell is lemon.
My favorite season is early-spring.
My favorite food is asparagus.
My favorite show is Downton Abbey.
My favorite candy is white chocolate.
My favorite movie is Princess Bride.
My favorite time is 10:00am on a Sunday (sleeping in, duh).
My favorite band is Iron & Wine (I know, I know... technically not a "band").
My favorite drink is margaritaaaaaa!
My favorite book is Harry Potter/Sense & Sensibility (they're just so different).
My favorite word is indubitably.
My favorite thing is a nap.

What are your favorites?

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stephanie said...

I like your list, girlfriend :)