Thursday, April 19, 2012

Drumroll, please....

And, our "big" announcement.... we're MOVING! Hurray! (everyone who reads this blog already knows this. whatever.)

We'll be moving next Saturday into our beatiful new home (well, not "ours" in the ownership sort of way... we're still renting) in the Woodbine community. It's lovely. Want me to tell you why? Here are the amazing features of our new home:
  • hardwood floors. YES.
  • 2-story, with the master bedroom, bathroom, & walk-in closet on the top level.
  • fenced-in backyard.
  • huge front porch with a porch swing.
  • balcony out of the upstairs bedroom.
  • lovely kitchen & dining nook.
  • walking distance to the library, park, & community center.
  • in a neighborhood, meaning we can actually go for walks.
  • dogs allowed. hallelujah.
  • living room, office, & tv room downstairs.
  • hardwood floors.
  • and, did I mention?... hardwood floors.
I'm so ready to get the packing & moving all done with. And of course now I'm dreaming of all the new things we want/need for our new home. Especially this amazing desk/shelving unit from Ikea.

And, of course.....


Bethany said...

yay!! i can't wait to be in a house. whenever and wherever that may be. dogs! backyards! and yes, hardwood floors! happy for you and your hubsy

Becca said...

eeeh! Thanks Bethany! We should have a real-life double date or something. I'd love to meet Miles... I feel like I already know a lot about him, in a kind of creepy way. haha. But really.