Friday, March 16, 2012

Women are Awesome.

Last night I was so proud of my incredibly powerful female friends. Marie planned, hosted, & kicked ass at the Office of Women's Concerns' evening for celebrating amazing women in the community. She spoke eloquenty, hosted wonderfully, and was, as always, so much fun to be with. Two other friends, Sarah & Katherine, presented awards to women in the community, and were also wonderfully spoken & poised. Watching my friends speak such truth & power into being a woman made me feel so encouraged & empowered, not to mention proud as can be. I don't know how I got so lucky to be surrounded by such motivated, compassionate, gracious women.

The women who were recognized each had something unique, meaningful, and inspiring to bring to the Nashville community. From the Executive Director of Scarritt Bennett, to two female brewers, to an openly proud Lesbian leading other women to find their voice, each had something remarkable to say about being a woman.

Let's face it, women are awesome.

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