Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rollercoaster Ride

So many different things to report!

Life has been a serious roller coaster lately, which has been really wearing me out. But I know there is meaning in all of it.

Today was a really bizarre day at work. We found out that one of our clients, who has been in the ICU, is being taken off of life support and transferred to hospice care. Also today, I managed to stay composed while I worked with a suicidal client to get him somewhere safe. It's actually surprising how solid I can become in those moments. And today we set loose a rehabilitated box turtle that my coworker & a client saved from the road a few months ago. It was a weird day of sadness mixed with a strange sense of hope for the future.

Some unrelated really happy news: yesterday I found out that I was matched with my Little! She sounds AMAZING, and I will be sure to tell you about her when we're officially matched.... She just has to give the okay once they tell her about me. I can't wait to meet her.

We also found out some other big news today (again, not pregnant), which we look forward to sharing with everyone soon.

There have been a LOT of emotions to deal with lately, and I have to say that I am so thankful to have Nathan to support me when my emotions get the best of me. Like an evening of pizza, cinnastix, and Con-Air (only the greatest action film of all time).

Meet Simone Turtelle:

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