Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pita + hummus = heaven.

Thank goodness for hummus. We always have an abundance of garbanzo beans and white beans at our home, so making hummus is never an issue... But what to dip in it?!

Well, I've found the answer. Within my beautiful Bread Bible lies a wonderful recipe for pita bread. And oh boy, did I try it & love it. Now, granted, my first attempt at pita bread did not yield the lovely puff pocket I was aiming for, but it was very much still pita bread & very much delicious. Especially dipped in homemade white bean hummus.
My beautiful bread bible. :-)
Mixing the ingredients...
Setting it for a night of rising in the fridge...
It has risen!...
Risen and ready to shape into little pitas!
Ready for a ride in the oven!
White bean hummus before its ride in the food processor...
Oh yum, hummus.
The final products! Let the snacking commence!! :-)
This was a much more daring attempt than some of my others, and I was overall pleased with how they turned out. I'm pretty sure that the lack of puff was due to my overworking the dough, rather than using a rolling pin. I'm going to adjust this for my next attempt at pita pockets, which will be very soon!

And next on the bread-making agenda..... Whole wheat sandwich bread!

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stephanie said...

Yum! Let's have a pita/hummus/wine movie party soon! You make the pita/hummus, I'll bring the wine :)