Sunday, January 1, 2012

Family Photos

My dad took some photos of our family during the holidays this year. Here's a taste-

Sarah, mom, me, & Carl the chihuahua.

Mom giving grandma the album she made of old family photos. My mom is kind of superwoman- she gets sh** done while somehow still having energy to be incredibly thoughtful and kind.

Nathan opening his Christmas present. My parents gave him the family guitar that none of us have ever learned how to play. I love being able to listen to my husband play music.

Nathan & myself getting ready for the present-opening chaos at my nana's house in Chattanooga on Christmas day. He was brave.

Uncle Bobby and Aunt Lacie. They're totally awesome. Lacie was happy to no longer be the newcomer, and she filled Nathan in on our family antics so he wouldn't be totally in the dark.

My mom's side of the family- her two brothers & their families. Missing a few cousins who couldn't be there, but grandma was happy to see her kids. And of course we continued the tradition of the yearly Christmas photo, but it wasn't quite as fun without grandma using the self-timer and running.

We had a nice time seeing our families through the holidays. I wish we had more excuses to take off work to visit. These few days in Ohio have been wonderful. Sadly I won't have pictures to share because my camera battery died the first day here. :-( we always love our trips to Findlay though, and will be sad to leave here tomorrow (but happy to return home to the cats).

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