Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy today.

I'm feeling particularly optimistic about life today.

...Maybe it's because I woke up next to my best friend.
Or maybe it's because I spent my evening eating delicious dinner and playing games with two of our best friends.
Or perhaps it's because I get to spend my 8-4 having conversations and sharing life with some of the most amazing people.
Or, it could even be due to the fact that I get to spend the weekend in the Smoky Mountains (only my favorite place) with some really awesome women... and a hot tub.
Maybe it's because I've been daydreaming about moving to Scotland with my husband for a year.
Or because I've been thinking about the future, when we'll have a family, a house, and a dog.
And possibly also because I'm thinking about how great things are now, in the present.

I guess it's all of those reasons.

St Andrews.... yeah, I could live here for a year.

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