Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hello, spring

It's about that time, y'all.
Spring has arrived. and I'm really hoping & praying that it doesn't hide away again until fall.

Yesterday Nathan helped me do some spring cleaning: we purged my closet hard-core. I gave away two stuffed garbage bags to Goodwill, and reorganized my closet. I've been following a great fashion blog, Kendi Everyday, and it's been really inspiring me to use my wardrobe more efficiently and with less. So I chucked out the distractions that never got worn in order that I might be able to really use what I've got.

Nathan accompanied me on shopping trip to Target, where I got some great new shoes, a cute skirt, a shirt almost exactly like one I wanted from JCrew but for literally 1/3 the price, and a great versatile belt. I'm so excited to use these pieces with others in my closet & start creating outfits that are mature, flattering, and fun.

Afterwards, we went grocery shopping together and then came home & talked through our plans to make the apartment OUR home. It was exciting. I can't wait to be a wife, with a husband, and a home. ahhhh, only 59 days.


stephanie said...

I want pictures of youuuuu! When we do our 30 for 30 we're going to have to document all our outfits!

becca dair said...

yeah yeah yeah!!! =)