Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The beginnings of our little balcony garden

Nathan & I are so incredibly proud of our little balcony garden. It is beautiful and refreshing, and so far pretty fruitful! We've already got lots of our herbs, spinach, and lettuce coming in, and our strawberry plants are starting to turn out some lovely strawberries!

This is really such an incredible hobby to start with Nathan and carry on into our marriage. I'm excited to have something that is ours and that we can learn to do together. Plus, the rewards will be quite tasty! I'm so excited about our garden!

Soon I'll post more pictures of the budding greens.... it's so interesting to watch them grow bigger and stronger every day. Nature is pretty amazing.

And I have a feeling that Nathan & I will be frequenting The Home Depot while we're getting our apartment turned into our home. We've already got some exciting plans in the making.

Oh, and 51 days till we're married. =)


Maddalena said...


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cute kitty. x

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Robyn said...

I am so jealous! We were just beginning to work on a back porch garden when we found out that we have to move. So unfair. I will live vicariously through your balcony garden I guess.