Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Engagement Photos!!!

Today Nathan & I finally had our engagement photo session, and it was an absolute BLAST.
We were so bummed when our original shoot got rained out, and we had serious doubts that we'd get nice "fall" weather for our perfect engagement shoot after bumping the date back two weeks. But, miraculously, today was a beautiful day in the 70s with sunny skies.... and we even managed to find one tree with yellow leaves (the rest of the trees were totally bare, sadly).

We started out in the Cannery Ballroom, where Nathan & I will be having our reception on June 3rd! It was really nice to be able to revisit the venue, now that we have more tangible ideas in mind for the reception. And we had lots of fun with Josh & Amber there.

Then, we ventured out to Radnor Lake.... where we almost got arrested. We drifted off a hundred feet or so from the paved roadway to take a few shots, and some crazy tree-hugger lady stood there staring at us & yelled that we weren't allowed to be there. Then a "ranger" came and told us he could fine us & take away the cameras (which he actually couldn't legally do)... he asked if we were "students or something", and once Josh & Amber said that they were our wedding photographers & were taking some engagement photos, he immediately warmed up & lost his "hardass" demeanor. It was actually quite sweet. He drove by us later & gave us some other ideas of where to shoot some photos.... hehe. But we managed to take some good photos before being reprimanded. And we even got some "legal" photos after the fact, being sure not to veer too far from the paved pathway.

Amber & Josh put up a teaser of the photos on their photography blog: UlmerStudios

check it out! I can't wait to see the rest of the photos from the fun-filled photo shoot!


Amber Ulmer said...

LOVE it!!! I love that you blog btw...
Josh & I were talking about that crazy tree hugger taddle tale last night...how she was like standing there waiting for us... ewww... crazy person. xo

becca dair said...

she was seriously crazy. yikes. at least she left before we got off the trail & didn't try her voodoo witchcraft on us! eeeek!