Monday, November 22, 2010


So last night I was journaling a list of life's little joys. I read it to Nathan and he said "that describes you perfectly." I like my list, and I'm going to share it with you. There are so many big things I'm thankful for, but it's life's little joys that we often overlook. Here's my list:

cuddling, cats, naps, fresh sheets, macaroni-&-cheese, ceiling fans, cold nights, red leaves, bonfires, oatmeal, laughter, freckles, dancing, e-mails, best friends, floral prints, marriage, hot coffee, stretching, ink pens, movie nights, moonlight, purring, warm showers, bathrobes, boots, beer, weekends, pause buttons, doorknobs, donuts, boutiques, haircuts, jewelry, compliments, wind, rain, art, the color blue,
and most of all, LOVE.we love to laugh together.
photo by Ulmer Studios Photography

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stephanie said...

LOVE your list and love you! I miss you soooo freakin' much. xo