Thursday, September 16, 2010

What makes me ME.

Senior year is a reflective time in my life....
so here are a few little quirks that make me me.
And I'm happy to say- I'm really proud to be me.

  • I always, always, drink a glass of water before bed
  • I wore my hair straight every day until I was 18
Thank goodness I stopped straightening it!
  • I say "greasy" with a Z instead of an S.... "greeeezy"
  • I take entirely too long to tell any story
  • Sometimes I start giggling and can't stop
  • I have a weird love obsession with my cats
Corduroy & Fiero when they were wee little babies!
  • My favorite color to wear is grey
  • I call light cardigans "jackets"
  • I'm so totally blind in my right eye, but have only half-blind vision in my left
Hence the glasses!
  • I can sleep anywhere, anytime, under any circumstances
  • I'm probably the world's slowest reader
  • My favorite color combination is turquoise, green, and brown (and it's everywhere)
My bedroom set for the past 3 1/2 years. LOVE IT.
  • I really can't wait to start a family (other than cats).... but I WILL WAIT, I promise
  • Most people probably consider me an extrovert, but I love being by myself
  • Naps give me more joy in the world than many things
  • My favorite physical features are my eyes & my hair (and I used to HATE my hair)
  • I'm happy to be me.
Me, now. And happy.


reginasaurus said...

This made me happy :) Miss you, best fran.

amy said...

jackets. teehee.

i love that you love yourself. about time. :)