Tuesday, June 1, 2010

back to blogging

I'm finally back to blogging!

Nathan and I just returned today from our trip to Ohio for his brother's high school graduation. We had a really great time, full of relaxing and spending time with his wonderful family. A few highlights of the trip:

  • going to Toledo and hanging out by Lake Erie
  • visiting the Toledo Zoo (the otters were adorable)
  • listening to a lot of Stevie Wonder, The National, Michael Jackson, and Elton John
  • surprise birthday gifts from the Drydens
  • going to the neighborhood pool
  • playing basketball with Nathan and his awesome little brother Isaac
  • throwing a 200-person party for Jared's graduation
  • staying up late chatting with Nathan's parents
  • watching Disney's Robin Hood
  • spending 8 hours in the car with Nathan each way

Jared's "shrine" of accomplishments

Jared with his cake, which was quickly eaten

Now that we're back in Nashville, it's time to settle into a normal routine..... except for today, of course, cause it's my 21st birthday! Tonight I'm going out to dinner at Margot Cafe & having a fancy drink with my meal. I'm so excited! I wish all of my friends were in town, though (such as Stephanie & Sarah!!!).

I'm happy to be back home with my darling kittens and my fabulous roommate. This place definitely feels like home. Here are a few pictures of my apartment! Come visit this summer.... the pool is open finally. =)

The lovely kitchen, complete with dishwasher & kitten towels

The dining room... which is quickly becoming my favorite room

Kitten corner!

1/2 of the cozy living room

My comfy, comfy bed.

My dresser and bookshelf

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Reginasaurus said...

The apartment looks great! I can't wait to visit. Happy birthday, best fran!