Thursday, October 25, 2012

Oh, hey.

Hello blog. I've missed you.

So, some things in my life are a bit weird right now. My parents are getting a divorce, and I'm trying to figure out what that means for my life. As an adult, how am I supposed to view this situation, what's my role, am I allowed to grieve? I'm working on figuring some of these things out, but it's a challenge. I'm lucky to have incredible supportive friends who encourage me, love on me, and help me see the bigger picture & all the wonderful things happening in my life.

For example:

Cohen graduated pup-school, and then we threw him a party.

Amy came in town, and we also threw her a party.

Going on a date with Mom to see Sarah in her murder mystery.

This girl.

Brie. and just cheese in general.

Going to the mountains for a getaway with these amazing people.

Being in the mountains with my love.

See, things are really pretty awesome. But more on that later...

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stephanie said...

LOVE that last picture of you and Nathan!!! Love this post and you. xo