Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy Holidays.

It's December!!!

It's weird to be experiencing a holiday season in which I'm not drowning in the stress of final exams & papers. Not surprisingly, I'm enjoying it a lot more this year. Plus, it helps that I have a partner with whom to enjoy all the happiness of the season. I'm trying to not get carried away enough to lose myself in the commerciality of the season... but I refuse to stop listening to Christmas music on the radio.

One thing I really love about Christmas- cookies. I have found my new favorite holiday cookie recipe. These chewy cookies are perfect for Christmas, with their cinnamon & clove goodness... yet I'm sure I'll be making them year-round. 

The recipe is from Martha Stewart, though I used cloves instead of nutmeg, which is an idea I totally stole from my awesome mother-in-law. =)

You know what else is perfectly Christmasy? Stockings. And Christmas Trees. Duh.

Nathan & I bought our first Christmas tree this year, and it was a most magical evening.
Yes, we decorated them ourselves. 

Our beautiful tree! Horrible picture... much prettier in person.
I'm really excited about sharing the joys of the holidays with my amazing husband. What an exciting time for us to begin new traditions together, spend time with our families, & celebrate life together.

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