Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I'm obsessed with kittens, currently.

I can't wait to go get this little guy!

And he's hopefully going to have a playmate! Nathan found a litter of feral kittens, and we've been nurturing them back to health. If our landlord gives us the green light, we're adopting a sweet little girl to be Fiero's sister. =) Nathan is taking them to the vet tomorrow to get checked out.

Today we sat with them and gave them milk and food. They scarfed it down.... clearly they were hungry. They eventually let us pet them, after we sat with them for a while and proved to them that we're nice. They're beautiful little grey babies. One of them has really long hair and is by far the most adventurous. We think he's a boy (we did a bit of examining "down there".... but we're not positive). The one we want is little & grey, with an orange spot on its face. We've been calling her (we think it's a girl) "goopy eyes" because she has some weird gooey issue with her eyes, but the vet will be able to take care of that. We've kind of fallen in love with her because she's the "odd" one in the litter, and she's absolutely adorable. She won't let us hold her just yet, but she let us pet her for a bit today. We're going to call her Corduroy (Nathan's choice, and I think it's totally fitting!)

Though they're not totally comfortable, they've come a long way for being completely feral yesterday. I sort of feel like Nathan & I (and his roommates, who are helping also) are doing a good thing by saving these cats from a sad life on the streets & in dumpsters. We're showing them affection and care, and that feels really good. I think they'll end up being really cuddly, loving cats.

I have fallen deeply in love with kittens, and I am overjoyed to be moving into a wonderful new apartment with an incredible, caring, fun roommate.... and with TWO kittens!!! =)

Only one more week, only one more week, only one more week, only one more week....

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james said...

Becca, I love your profile and your pics. I can see that you really put a lot of heart and soul into it. Well I am free at last, and I am enjoying every minute of it! I really do appreciate all of the effort and support that all of my friends at Belmont and American Baptist College have put into the ethics and Inside Out programs. Special thanks goes out to Professor Stepnick (Andi), Professor Wolf (Janet), Professor Watts (Andy), Ms. Glenda Lingo, Miss Cayla Wilson, Ms. Emily Kerr, and Mr. Brett McReynolds- who is feverishly working two jobs to pay for his student loans. Wow! Great work on the website and especially with the programs! You are all truly difference makers! Your Friend, James Pickard