Saturday, May 8, 2010

The comforts of home

Today has been a really great day. Although I haven't done my paper yet (it's due Monday morning), I have accomplished a lot of really exciting things!!!

Mom and I got manicures together today. It was really girly and pretty fun. It was nice having my hands massaged and pampered... I only wish that Mom & I could've been closer to each other & chatted. But it was still something fun to do together, and our nails look fabulous!

I played with my kittens for a while, which mostly involves me watching them wrestle each other endlessly and explore my room. They are brightening up my world, and I don't even mind the constant smell of cat poop in my bathroom.



I reupholstered my kitchen dining set! We bought it off Craigslist for $50, and it was in need of some major work. It wasn't put together correctly at all, and the seat cushions were really ugly. Dad took apart the table & chairs, and is working on rebuilding them. I reupholstered all the chair cushions with a cute, classy blue fabric that I love! I even used a staple gun.... and my hand is sore as a result. I'm really pleased with how they turned out. I think it'll look great in my new kitchen!

Old upholstery on the left, New upholstery on the right!

I also found cute new knobs for my dresser. Instead of painting the dresser, I decided to change the knobs to something cute and colorful to make it a bit less plain. I love the way the knobs look on the dresser, and I think it will look wonderful in my new room at my new apartment with Caroline!

My cute new knobs

And, I bought a really cute key hook for the wall by the front door. I'm always misplacing my keys, so I think this will be the perfect fix. And it's exciting to buy things that I can drill into the wall.... no more 3m hooks for me! (Actually, I'll still use them cause they're awesome and easy, but it's by CHOICE now!)

In other news, my dear friend Brandon got married to his beautiful Tirzah today! It was so odd seeing him get married, I guess just because I've known him for so long and he's my first really close friend to get married (though we haven't seen each other in a while, sadly). I'm really excited for him and can't wait to hear about their lives together. Hopefully I'll get to come spend time with them in Knoxville some this summer, after their honeymoon & all. ;-)

It's been great spending time with my parents and my grandma. She might be moving to assisted living in Lenoir City, which is a really hard choice for all of us. It's just so hard for her to live at home without grandpop. They were such a partnership in so many ways, and I think it's simply too difficult to lose that after 58 years and still be able to cope. She's doing so well, but she needs help with things like medication and bills and meals. I think this would be a good fit, since she'd be so close to my mom. But I hate that she'll have to leave her friends & church family in Murfreesboro. It's such a hard decision for her and my mom, but I really think it needs to happen... so does my mom. I feel bad that she has so much responsibility on her shoulders, but she is really being an excellent, selfless, kind daughter to my grandmother. I am proud of the family from which I come.

I'm both sad and happy to be going back to Nashville tomorrow. I'm sad to leave my parents, as I always am. And I'm sad because I don't know when the next time I'll get to come visit will be. But I'm happy to get back to Nashville and see Nathan (we missed spending our one-year anniversary together!), and to get settled in my new apartment. I really think the kittens will be happy together there. And I absolutely adore my new roommate Caroline and cannot wait to start seeing her every single day! Hopefully she can put up with me. I think we'll be good roommates for each other, and we have no problem talking about things, so that'll be helpful. She is just so sweet and fun, and I'm super excited. Plus, the apartment is ballin' (yes, I just used the term "ballin'").

Sweet Caroline & myself at a British pub!

If only I had the motivation to start on my final Greek paper. Playing with kittens is just so much more fun.....

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