Monday, September 17, 2012

Thanks, Earth.

Nathan & I have been trying to grow a garden for over a year now. We started with container gardening on our crappy apartment balcony, which was a total failure. Then we tried growing a summer garden in our new place, but the sun decided that it would not allow such a thing. So, we were less hopeful at the possibility of success for our fall garden, but we decided that perhaps third time really is the charm.

We planted radishes, arugula, onion, & carrot, to go alongside our already planted tomatoes, peppers, rosemary, basil, & mint.

Thank goodness for the short germination time of radishes to give me the boost of confidence I needed.

Guys, our garden made food. It's amazing. I've been eating fresh tomatoes from my garden. Every day we go out & see which of the tomatoes have turned red, and watch as our little green bell pepper grows bigger & more delicious every day. Our radishes & arugula are growing steadily. Our carrots & onions, which have a much slower sprout rate, have started peeking up out of the soil, reminding us that they're still there.

It might be the greatest feeling in the world to nurture the Earth & help it grow incredibly delicious food that nurtures my own body. It's also really fun having a garden & playing in the dirt. 

My favorite way to eat these beautiful radishes: 

Top a slice of Provence artisan french loaf with:
Kate's homemade sea-salted butter
sliced, fresh radishes from the garden
& some dried dill sprinkled on top

All I want to do is live somewhere cold(er) by the seaside (like in Sweden), grow a HUGE garden, play with my pets (including a pig. I really want a pig as a pet), ride horses to get everywhere, knit thick scarves to keep us warm in the cold, snowy winter, and have cute hippie babies. 

Let's make it happen.

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