Monday, February 7, 2011

Losing it.

photo by Stephanie a couple years ago

I'm losing my sanity. It is slowly slipping away. All the prozac in the world can't help me now. Senior year, thesis, planning a wedding, working 25+ hours a week, being President of Christian Ethics Society, fighting a tiring battle for gay rights on campus, taking care of pets, etc., etc., etc. OVERWHELMING.

There, I'm done complaining.

Actually, I'm not. The old lady that lives below our apartment is really seriously making me extremely angry. I know she's old & hard of hearing, but is she also completely oblivious to basic human dignity?! The TV is SO LOUD. Like, even louder than when my sister was 16 and thought it was really awesome to BLAST music in our bonus-room while running around the room in circles. I used to get really angry because I could hear the boom & thud of her music from my room, but this is so much worse. We can legitimately tell what kind of program the old lady's watching because we can hear everything so clearly. I'm officially leaving a post-it note on her door tomorrow. A nice one. I could just go downstairs and ask her to turn it down, but I really just don't want to deal with a creepy old deaf lady. No thanks.

Okay, NOW I'm done complaining.

The good news?: I marry my best friend in only 115 days! I've also finally made progress on my thesis. I mean, there's still a long way to go, but at least I'm actually doing something on it.

That's all. I just needed to rant for a bit.

You know what's good for days like these? Ice cream & the new Iron & Wine album. yes sir. mmmm.

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