Friday, August 6, 2010

Here We Go

Nathan & I have been engaged for a little over a week, and we've started digging into the planning process. Already, we've come across some major barriers, leading to a stressful week. It seems that 10 months actually isn't enough time to plan the perfect wedding.... mainly because everything is already booked.

In order to remedy this problem, we seriously might have to consider doing a Friday ceremony. This worries me because I know it will make it difficult on people coming in from out of town. The way I see it, though, the people we really want at our wedding are the people willing to take the afternoon off work to experience the biggest day of our lives with us.

Currently, we are really in love with Downtown Presbyterian's beautiful little blue chapel. If we can get the chapel officially booked, I'll feel a little bit more at ease. We have a reception venue on our radar, and they are available on Fridays in June. Hopefully we can go check it out sometime next week. We also have found some great photographers, and should be meeting up with them to chat next week!

Things are *kind of* coming together, but it's very stressful. I'm not sure that everyone will be totally on board my Friday idea, but the way I see it, I'd rather have a Friday ceremony with a reception than a Saturday ceremony without a reception.

Plus, as much as I want to please everyone else, I realize that this wedding is not about all these details or making other people happy, it's about the love that Nathan & I share. It is about being together with our closest friends to make a life commitment to one another, to be husband and wife forever, to ceaselessly love one another, and to dedicate ourselves to a loving and healthy marriage. That is what our wedding is about; not the "right" day for a wedding or the "best" venue. I'm trying to keep this in mind as I approach tough obstacles to planning our wedding & reception.

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Reginasaurus said...

If you wanted a Thursday morning wedding at a beach in Iceland, I would still be there. It'll all work out in the end, my love. I love you!